Recent Work

Snowdrops and Blue Glass 12x14

Chinese Caddy with Lemons 10x10

Copper Pot with Plums 12x10

Mandarins 12x12

Silver Jug with Apricots 10x12

Silver Tankard with Lemons 12x12

Tudric Tankard with Apples 12x12

Basket with Lemons 10x10

Still Life with Green Glass 12x16

Stoneware Flagon with Apples 12”x12”

Chinese Porcelain with Lemons 12x12

Enamelware with Tomatoes 12x12

Peaches and White Wine 10x12

Silver Jug with Blackberries 8x10

Silverware with Nectarines 12x10

Wine Bottle with Lemons 10x12

Ming Bowl with Eggs 10x10”

Stoneware Flagon with Pears by Anne Songhurst

Stoneware Flagon with Pears 12x16

Cockerel Jug with Eggs 10x12

Chinese Bowl with Pears 8x10

Copper Pan with Clementines 8x10

Figs on a Silver Plate 10x12

Redcurrants and Silverware 12x12

Silver Jug with Cherries 10x10

Stoneware Jar with Peaches 8x8

Cheese and Grapes 10x12

Silver Jug with Olives 10x12