Off the Easel


Snowdrops with Blue Glass 12x14

Snowdrops, the herald of Spring, have been very prolific this year, so I did not feel guilty about picking some from our garden for this painting. They are still flowering at the end of February.
I always aim to do at least one painting with snowdrops every year.

Ming Bowl with Eggs 10x10

This is my favourite Ming Bowl although I have only painted it once before. I love the warmth of the celadon glaze and the spontaneity of the design.
I do not find eggs easy to paint, light spreads imperceptibly across their surface and they subtly reflect each other’s colours.

Stoneware Vessels with Pears 12x16

The cider flagon and handled pot were made at the renowned Pottery of John Leach in  Muchelney in Somerset. The Pears are the Rocha variety.

Silverware with Olives 10x12

I collect multifaceted pieces of silver because of the varied reflections they produce. The silver cruet was made by Hugh Crawshaw of Sheffield, and the jug by James Dixon and Sons also of Sheffield.