Off the Easel

Works recently completed, framed and sent to the gallery

Strawberries in a Silver Bowl 8”x10”

Strawberries are quite tricky to paint, as the seeds form a spiral pattern which spread apart as the fruit ripens, and it is important to get the spacing correct.

Brockalee Farm Eggs 12”x16”

I have been looking locally for white eggs to paint for some time. These eggs came from the farm in Northumberland where we were camping.

Harrison Bowl with Eggs 12”x16”

Another painting featuring white eggs from Brockalee Farm, in a bowl made by Steve Harrison. The lidded jar was also made by him.

Chinese Porcelain with Apricots 12”x12”

The crane and the pine tree on the vase are often depicted together on Chinese porcelain, as they are both symbolic of longevity.

Cornishware Pot with Lemons 12”x12”

The familiar blue and white stripes on the pottery known as Cornishware has been made by T G Green since 1926. The bowl is Royal Copenhagen, and the enamel canister is of French origin.